Alpha Athletic is a brand new state of the art gym that’s situated in the heart of Newport Shropshire.
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Here at Alpha Athletic we have created a totally unique environment where people can come and train with like minded individuals in as non intimidating personal environment. Everything here at Alpha Athletic has been carefully thought out to maximise your training experience from our interior design to our World class bespoke equipment which has been specifically chosen to maximise your end results.

At Alpha Athletic we pride ourselves on helping you get results, unlike most super gyms or big commercial brands we actually care if you turn up and we aim to create a positive training community for our members to thrive in.


Opening times

Opening times

Come and see us for a free trial and be part of Newport’s fastest growing fitness community, where your results are our main priority.

6.30am – 9.00pm

6.30am – 8.00pm

8.00am – 4.00pm

8.00am – 12.00pm

Peak Membership

  • 6:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday
    6:30am-8pm Friday
    8am-4pm Saturday
    8am-12pm Sunday

Off Peak Membership

  • 9am-4pm Monday-Friday
    10am-4pm Saturday
    10am-12pm Sunday

Annual Membership


Off Peak Annual Membership



2 x Plate Loaded Power Racks (squat)
1 x Plate Loaded Olympic Flat Bench Press
1x Plate Loaded Olympic Incline Bench Press
1 x Custom build Plate Loaded Bent Over Row Bench
3 x Adjustable Workout Bench’s
1 x Cable Lat Pulldown
1 x Cable Cross Over
1 x Cable Seated Row
2x Low-High Cable Pulleys station
1x Pull Up Station
1 x Plate Loaded Leg Press
1 x Seated Leg Extension
1 x Lying Hamstring Curl
1 x Preacher Curl Bench
1 x Tricep Dipping Station
1x Sissy Squat Bench
2.5kg-40kg Custom Made Chrome Dumbbells
5x Watson Specialty Lifting Bars
1x Push Up Handles

Competition Kettlebells
Olympic Weight Lifting Bars
Olympic Bumper Plates
Mobility Bands

2x Concept 2 Rowers
2x Concept 2 Ski Erg
2x Concept 2 Bikes




We value both our members and visitors opinions, good or bad as we constantly strive for perfection. Read below what people think of Alpha Athletic!

They gym equipment and whole facility is not only top notch, it’s pristine all the time. As well as this there is always a positive atmosphere created by the gym users and owner, Maurice who is great with any tips and queries you may have. 10/10

Ethan Ward, Alpha Member

I’ve been having my PT at the gym since it opened, it is an amazing place to train, very well equipped and Maurice’s knowledge is second to none, I always leave buzzing with adrenaline!

Julie Jones, Alpha Member

Great, state of the art gym, so much nicer than the average gym with endless rows of treadmills and bikes. This place feels less intimidating and because it is on a smaller scale, it feels much more friendly and personal.

Suzanne Scheijen, Alpha Member

It should come as no surprise that the new gym is something a bit special. Its plainly a reflection of the man behind it. Hard working, driven, professional and focused on results.

Chris Needham, Alpha Member

Alpha Athletic is an immaculate gym. Being a Personal Trainer myself, having access to a local gym with superb equipment and friendly fitness atmosphere is brilliant! All Blush Fitness clients would agree it is a great facility to train at.

Abbie Cummings, Alpha Member